Hassle Free Cleaning with Solenco’s Robot Vacuum

The Hobot Legee D7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The versatile Hobot LEGEE D7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop. (If you are a pet owner – this one is especially for you!) Introducing the Tangless 4 in 1 Hassle Free All Terrain Cleaning LEGEE D7! What separates the D7 from the rest? Unlike the others, the Hobot D7 comes with a function that really […]

Super Six Sizzling Summer Sellers 2018

Summer is a wonderful time of the year in South Africa, not only do we enjoy the sunny weather to download some Vitamin D, we also get to see and spend time with friends and family over the holiday season. Knysna becomes alive and vibrant and we enjoy the buzz of people and the hum of […]

5 Reasons You Should Have An Air Purifier In Baby’s Nursery

Best for Baby Metelerkamps, based in Knysna are true believers in these amazing Air Purifiers. They are not only a must for the whole family but specifically for your little ones!  (See original article Here  MAY 10, 2017   |   BY SOLENCO REPORTER) Children under the age of 18 are significantly more likely to be diagnosed with chronic allergies […]