Hassle Free Cleaning with Solenco’s Robot Vacuum

The versatile Hobot LEGEE D7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop.

(If you are a pet owner – this one is especially for you!)

Introducing the Tangless 4 in 1 Hassle Free All Terrain Cleaning LEGEE D7!

What separates the D7 from the rest?

Unlike the others, the Hobot D7 comes with a function that really puts it on top, its Tangless suction port. By effortlessly sucking up hairs and debris before reaching the brush roller, you won’t have to spend any more time removing hairs off the roller.

Hobot Legee D7

Don’t forget the corners!  With its unique D-Shape design, the Hobot can still reach into all the corners. Its brushes, that extend up to 4cm, can reach into narrow spaces and sweep along the wall’s edges, while the rubber scraper helps to loosen dust and debris from the brush.

Not only can it tackle hairs, it also has a 600 gram Mopping force. With 4 solution spraying jets, the D7 becomes invincible to stains and marks!

Whatever terrain comes it’s way, with the Auto Recognition Cleaning ability the D7 can clean both hard floors and carpets at the same time with ease. It has the ability to hop up over carpets and back onto hard floors with its tractor like wheels.

Worried about the stairs? – Not only can it navigate around your house and switch between cleaning carpets and hard floors, it knows not to fall down the stairs with its built in slam navigation.

How do I use my new D7?

Simple-the Hobot is completely automated via the smart app-or voice control. With the LEGEE Smart Navigation system (Lidar, Encoder, Gyro, E-compass, and Position Estimation)- A simple yet effective navigation system to help you map, memorize, plan, clean in order, room-specific talent clean or schedule queue. Your very own on demand robot helper will automatically map your entire house on its own. Connected via Wi-Fi with Voice control through Google and Siri, just connect your iOS or Android device and off it goes.

To get the most out of your Hobot D7, you can choose from seven specialised cleaning modes and one customisable mode:

  • Standard Mode-don’t lift a finger, the Hobot will just do its thing depending on its terrain.
  • Tangless Mode-No hair can escape this mode!
  • Stain Mode-4 x front jet sprays tackling those stains with the 600 grams rear mopping force.
  • Dry Sweep Mode-just a quick sweep!
  • Power Suction Mode-enjoy crumb and hair free carpets!
  • Eco Mode-your Hobot CAN clean green.
  • Deep Cleaning Mode-sit back, relax, your floors are well taken care of.
  • Customised-tell it what you want!

What about load shedding?

The D7 has an operating time of two hours and a recharge time of around four to six hours. As soon as the D7’s battery is low, it will take itself straight back to the charging station to recharge. It will calculate how much charging time is required for it to head back out and complete the remaining tasks.

 Once set up, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your new best cleaning buddy!