Time to Service your Fireplace

After Winter is the best time to service your fireplace This needs to be done at least once a year. It is a requirement for safety and warranty reasons from the manufacturer that your close combustion fireplace is serviced.

Regular servicing will increase the lifespan of your fireplace and reduce the need to replace workable parts. Regular servicing will also ensure that your unit performs optimally every season and reduces the risk of a chimney fire from occurring in your flue system.

Below is a list of basic service and chimney sweep rates as well as work included in these services:

Local Area – Knysna, Wilderness, Sedgefield, Plettenberg Bay

Basic Service – Labour & Transport OnlyR1000.00
Basic Service of Additional FireplaceR750.00
Chimney Sweep (Flues Only)R1000.00
Service & Sweep Combo – 1 Wood Burning FireplaceR1900.00
Service & Sweep Combo Additional Wood Burning FireplaceR1500.00
Additional Charge For Sweep of Double Storey Homes Per FireplaceR450.00
Sundries as Specified BelowR500.00

 Outlying Areas – George, Mosselbay

Basic Service – Labour & Transport onlyR1400.00
Basic Service of Additional FireplaceR800.00
Chimney Sweep (Flues Only)R1300.00
Service and Sweep Combo – 1 Wood Burning FireplaceR2200.00
Service and Sweep Combo Additional Wood Burning FireplaceR1600.00
Additional Charge For Sweep of Double Storey Homes Per FireplaceR450.00
Sundries as Specified BelowR500.00

The above rates are quoted per fireplace and include VAT. Rates are for labour and transport only and do not include the cost of any other materials or spare parts used. The Sundries fee covers the paint/sprays used for re-sealing the interior and exterior where necessary as well as any adhesives, cleaning materials and applicators used. Spare parts required, such as fire bricks, baffle plates, and grates etc will be quoted for separately after inspection.

Any work carried out in addition to the basic service or any return visits that may be required to carry out additional repairs or adjustments to the fireplace will be charged at an hourly rate if R450 incl. VAT. A charge of R4.50/km for transport where the distance is more than 20km from our premises. Charges for materials, spares, or extra work are nett and will be invoiced separately and must be paid upon receipt of the invoice.

Please note: In the event of our servicemen being called out and unable to carry out the service or repair as arranged, then a minimum call-out fee of R550 for local areas and R850 for other areas will apply.

Payment may be made in cash, credit card or EFT to Metelerkamps. Account details are on the invoice.

Included in Service rates


  • Cleaning all accessible round flue pipes fitted by Metelerkamps
  • Checking of waterproofing

Basic Service

  • Resealing the firebrick linings
  • Replacement of accessible gaskets if required (Excluding the cost of glue and gasket seal)
  • Checking the operation of the grate and air control mechanisms
  • Checking of cowls as required (additional surcharge applies for double story buildings)
  • Surface rust removal and exterior graphite seal

Service request form

Book your service promptly. There can be 4-week delays in our service department in the months of May, June and July. Metelerkamps will only service and repair fireplaces purchased and installed by us.

Manufacturer’s warranty

Please take note that not servicing your fireplace potentially poses serious safety risks and may influence your manufacturer’s warranty. This Service Request Page serves as proof that the risk to property and person associated with the non-servicing of your fireplace, as also instructed in the user manual, have been explained. It also indemnifies the store from which this fireplace was bought, from any associated liabilities.

Additional note

A standard service is required at least once a year, although certain manufacturers recommend more frequently, and a major service usually every 3 – 5 years. Should any work other than described above be required, such as additional calls to adjust the fireplace or installation, or a major service that would entail removing the fireplace to repair or clean an inaccessible flue lining or brick structure, or to replace any part, then this work will be carried out at the current hourly rate in addition to the basic service charge, plus a transport charge where applicable.  A major service will add the cost of 2 hours labour to the standard service charge.

N.B. – The service implies no guarantee related to the correct functioning of your fireplace, chimney or flue as the fuel or structural flue and operating conditions may be beyond our control.

Book your service promptly. There can be a four-week delay in our service department in the months of May, June and July. Metelerkamps will only service and repair fireplaces purchased and installed by us.

Fireplaces over 20 years old

Many fireplaces that are over 20 years old may have shown signs of corroding, cracking or warping which cannot be rectified in a normal annual service and are liable to give off toxic fumes if not overhauled or given a major service. The major service must be carried out in our workshop and can take several weeks during peak season. Spares parts are subject to availability and are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain on older models. We, therefore, recommend that you call on our services before the winter season if you have an older model or you think you may need more than a minor service.

Gas fireplaces

Please contact a registered gas technician in your area to service your unit. In the Greater Knysna area, we can recommend GASJAC – 082 496 0072 or Roland Gas Services on – 084 8182160

If you would like a free quote on a new fireplace contact us and we will arrange a convenient time to call on you.