Super Six Sizzling Summer Sellers 2018

Summer is a wonderful time of the year in South Africa, not only do we enjoy the sunny weather to download some Vitamin D, we also get to see and spend time with friends and family over the holiday season.

Knysna becomes alive and vibrant and we enjoy the buzz of people and the hum of traffic. 2017 was challenging for our little community and we for one were very refreshed when the visitors arrived. Thank you for everyone’s support, all the “out-of-towners” but especially the “Garden Routers!”

We had lots of fun this season selling exciting products, most are excellent solutions to cater to the NEEDS and others are just plain fun for the WANTS! You decide which is which.


     1. Kamado Jan and organic charcoal Kamado Jan

Truly the last braai you will ever buy, it’s a staff favourite and all our customers who have purchased these cannot stop talking about how easy they are to use and how absolutely delicious the food results are. The secret is the ceramics that sear in the flavour, giving you a roast that will make you cry! Just before the season started we were delighted to welcome Rudolf to Team Mets, and he and Jan or #DolfandJan cooked the most delicious roasts, steak, bread and puddings throughout the season both here at Metelerkamps and Greeff’s, our awesome neighbourhood Butchery!

     2. Coffee, Coffee and more Coffee








Over the last few years, we at Mets have spent a lot of time and effort finding the freshest and consistently good coffee available. Happily, it has resulted in a large client following which again helps us keep it fresh. Most of the members of Team Mets also enjoy a perfect cup of coffee so if you are in the area – pop in and we’ll make you a cup!

     3.  Gingerbread House Kit 

GingerBread House kits






Our Gingerbread Kits were a firm favourite over the season, you might say they sold like hotcakes. Many to local customers but also to new online customers as far away as Amanzimtoti and Queensborough!

     4. Riedel, Spiegelau and Govino Wine Glasses

Riedel o Montrachet Chardonnay Glasses spiegelau-wheat-beer-glasses-4s







We can most definitely say that many many folks who enjoyed the season had better-tasting beverages thanks to top quality glasses from Riedel, Spiegelau, Govino and Eva Solo. We have a large range of varietal specific glasses on offer and well-trained staff to help you know your oaked chardonnay glass from your Merlot.

    5. AMT Cookware – The best in the world





We Love the AMT Range, definitely another staff favourite. We stock various other ranges of cookware, but the AMT range is special, it spreads the heat beautifully and is seriously non-stick, it can even go into the oven up to 260 degrees Celsius. Made in Germany and voted by 50 out of 52 teams at the world chef Olympics as the best cookware they have ever used.

     6. Ecoffee Cups and Immortal Straws

Immortal Straws






These bamboo mugs are a new range for us, we at Mets are passionate about the environment and always looking for new products to sell, we were happily blown away by how many of our customers think the same and are doing their bit for our environment. There is a worldwide move towards refusing single-use plastic containers including coffee cups and straws and we are grateful for the almost 200 people who opted for one or more of these awesome products!

What were some of your favourite purchases from Metelerkamps this season? Drop us a line or interact with us on Social Media, we would love to hear from you!