Metelerkamps is home in Knysna 2016

New Home Before and After Banner

Metelerkamps is home in Knysna, the move went well and I would say we are just about settled and  looks absolutely stunning! It’s hard to explain with the mediocre adjectives available in the English language, but a few words do come to mind when I stand and stare: glamorous, tasteful, unique…

Moving day for us feels like a lifetime ago. Meticulous planning and team work went into a smooth transition. John literally paced out the floor, and re-used old cardboard boxes to make templates of the cupboards and displays. Metelerkamps Floor Plan A floor plan was mapped out – “spoeg and plak” style and everyone knew exactly what went where – well very close to where anyway!

Display units and stock were numbered and labelled in the old shop. Stock was placed in crates – clearly marked, transported and unpacked into their new homes. This all sounds very easy, right? Right! It only took us 3 days, some sweat and lots of fun to move over 29000 stock items including, fireplaces, fridges, cupboards and pots! In our previous blog we explained why this move means so much to us and especially John, if you missed it – you can read all about that here. In essence, Metelerkamps is a household name in Knysna and for some a culture! The Metelerkamps culture is all about family, friends, uniqueness, being real (and quirky.) Our new home reflects who we are, where we are from and where we are going to, and we love it!

“We are the talk of the town” SA-Decor & Design’s blog on our new store is refreshing!

Metelerkamps is still filled to the brim with the best brands: Wusthof, Morso, de Buyer, AMT and many, many more! Everything just looks more at home now. Our live Siemens Kitchen is fully operational with the latest ovens, microwaves, an integrated dishwasher and a Fridge Freezer.

Live Kitchen

We have Mets-Unique lines like Town Talk household products and Weck glass storage containers. We are very excited about these and they will soon be on our website too! We are the sole distributors in South Africa for both these brands.

We encourage our Knysna locals and out-of-town visitors to visit us and experience the Metelerkamps culture. It is a real treat to wonder through our home and pick out items for your home.
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