The Big Move 2016


Our big news which I’m sure you’ve heard by now… We are very excited to announce that we are moving! Our entire shop will be moved over Valentine’s weekend from where we are now in Waterfront Park to just about across the road to 3 Union Street, just off Waterfront Drive.

This address is not what you would call new exactly. Back in the day John owned the building when it was still the Met’s Mica hardware store. Recently it was home to the Organic Market and since the beginning of this year it is officially ours again. We will be closed for this big move from Friday the 12th and open again from Tuesday the 16th of February.

Please make sure to visit us in our bigger & better new home from the 16th of February 2016.

John Metelerkamp on the move: METELERKAMPS – THE FULL CIRCLE

We are going back home!!

Where to? Where we came from, that’s where.

Many years ago, when I could easily thread a fishhook onto my line without the use of #1.5 eyeglasses and when there were still fish aplenty in the Knysna Lagoon, I was the proprietor of Metelerkamps Mica Hardware- for my very many sins!

We were housed in an old converted warehouse nestled next to Thesen House, Knysna.  After extensive upgrades in 1998 to this building we changed our entrance from the North to the South facing the newly named Waterfront Drive. This really upset one of my Chinese friends who informed me that the balance (feng-shui?) was incorrect and that I had made a bad mistake!  All my other mates thought this was a great idea- but what do us palefaces know anyway?

So why the intro?

Well the new Metelerkamps (non-hardware variety,) is moving back into this building and will be open for business, lights blazing from the 16th February 2016. Watch this space for more delights!