Metelerkamps Fireplace Quotations made easy

Metelerkamps Fireplace Quotations made easy Are you considering installing a fireplace in your home, and would like a quote quickly, and can’t wait for a site visit? Team Mets usually visit your home or building site but with your help, we can provide an initial accurate quote for you. The site visit can be scheduled for […]

Importance of dry wood for your closed combustion fireplace

We often hear customers say that their fireplace worked really well and heated up their home beautifully last season, but it’s just not the same this year. I can assure you –  it’s the wood they are using, and it’s not dry enough. Burn only dry wood in your closed combustion Fireplace, to maximize heating […]

Fireplace Usage Instructions

FIREPLACE USAGE INSTRUCTIONS Once you have chosen a fine fireplace for your beautiful home from Metelerkamp’s you need to read the operating instructions carefully. The fireplace you have fitted is highly efficient, clean burning and uses very little fuel, but there are a few tricks to make sure you get the most heat out of […]