Fireplace Usage Instructions


Once you have chosen a fine fireplace for your beautiful home from Metelerkamp’s you need to read the operating instructions carefully. The fireplace you have fitted is highly efficient, clean burning and uses very little fuel, but there are a few tricks to make sure you get the most heat out of it.

Tips for lighting your fire:

  • Before setting a fire – preheat the chimney by burning a small piece of firelighter/newspaper on the grid with the door closed and air vents open. Cold chimneys may experience an airlock.
  • A lot of air is needed when first lighting the stove. When starting a fire with a totally cold stove it may be helpful to leave the door ajar (2-3cm) during the first few minutes, the air intake should be fully open. Wood fuel burns well when placed onto an ash bed on the grate of the stove. To achieve this you should burn roughly 1-2kg’s of dry kindling the first time you light the stove. When the fire is burning well you can then add bigger logs.
  • Only use very dry wood in the fireplace (< 20% moisture content). To check the moisture content seal a few pieces of wood in a clear plastic bag. If the wood is wet the moisture will be clearly visible in the bag.
  • Buy your wood at least one year before using and store in a dry place- see woodcutter contacts below. Only use hardwood invasive species of firewood. Cut some into kindling.
  • Wet wood will result in an inefficient fire which gives off no heat as all the fuel’s thermal energy will be spent forcing the water out of the wood. There will also be blackening of the glass surface and smoke leakage into the room.
  • With a new fireplace, you may initially detect a metallic smell and see a smoky haze in the room. This is the result of excess slag and the paint curing, therefore light the first two or three fires during the day and open all windows and doors to ventilate.

Cleaning in Winter

  • It is recommended to clean out your ash pan before it overflows and there should be no ash pressing up against the grate or door
  • Clean the black soot off the glass surface with a damp cloth dipped into the cold ash of the fire. Never use a commercial cleaner on the glass e.g. Windowleen.
  • Please note that the chimney may need to be swept at least once or twice a year.
  • Wet wood causes smoke, excessive soot and blackened glass. In most instances, glass cannot be restored once damaged by the use of burning wet wood.

Maintenance in Summer

The units are prone to surface rust as we are in a high humidity area with a high salt content, book your service with our dedicated Service team here.

What is covered by the Guarantee?

It is important to carefully read the guarantee and make sure that you understand that the glass and some specified parts are not covered by the guarantee. Glass panels are not covered by any guarantee and as they are expensive to replace we recommend that they are insured.

All guarantees offered are subject to the products being serviced according to the manufacturer’s requirements, and please note that all guarantees specifically exclude damage to products and related consequential damage caused by misuse of the products i.e. over firing or burning the wrong type of fuel. Over firing will be indicated by crumbling or refractory fire bricks and baffles, buckled or distorted cast iron or steel fire linings and permanent discolouration of the door glass. Products supplied or services rendered and not paid for in full are not covered by any guarantee.

Firewood Contacts:

Make sure to specify dry, sized firewood for cast iron fireplace fitted by Metelerkamps

Knysna– Olie – 0834551809, Christo- 0833050332, Martin- 0828964949.

Plettenberg Bay– Olie – 0834551809, Peter 0734136177, Jacques Strydom – 0844025879

CHIMNEY SWEEP and FIREPLACE MaintenanceBook your service or sweep here