Metelerkamps Christmas Gift Guide For Her

Mia Melange

Mia Melange is a proudly South African brand that handcrafts interior décor and lifestyle products, using predominantly 100% cotton rope. We have a variety of different planter baskets, hanging planters and macramé!

Coppa Wellness:

Did you know copper was used to purify water in ancient times? The ancient ayurvedic practice of storing water in a copper vessel for purification and health has been revered for thousands of years. Coppa Wellness Water bottles are made from 100% copper and under the highest possible standard, to bring you the magic and power of copper : to purify, ionize and alkalize water; leaving you with a refreshing and healing drink.

Yankee Candle

 Yankee Candles are known for their incredible burn time, premium quality ingredients that create distinctive true-to-life scents and of course the classic apothecary glass jar. Yankee Candles are a perfect gift for this holiday season. Check out all the different fragrances and sizes we stock in store and online!

Simply Bee

Simply Bee offers all natural handmade products, free from harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances and parabens. Their beehives are situated in Fynbos rich areas around Hopefield where there is no commercial farming within the immediate vicinity. Therefore, the honey, beeswax and propolis are all 100% organic. Their bees are not used for commercial pollination either, eliminating the negative effects of exposure to chemicals. Simply Bee’s hives are all placed on stands, which also makes them badger-friendly.

Busby Purses

Busby Leather is an iconic yet modern take on leather purses and wallets which includes different styles, shapes and colours so there really is an option for everyone. They are stylish, yet functional with many different compartments to keep you organized, and each one comes in chic Busby gift box ready for you to gift to a special friend or loved one. Check out all of the different styles we stock instore and online!

Dyson Airwrap

Even if you haven’t hear of the Dyson Airwrap we can assure you the ladies in your life have! And if you’re really looking to spoil your significant other or a special person in your life this is a great gift. It is the only styler to curl, shape and hide flyaways using the Coanda effect – with no extreme heat! Find out all you need to know about the Dyson Airwrap right here! –

Riedel O to GO

This ones for the wine lovers! Designed as an easy and convenient way to enjoy your favourite wine anywhere, the Riedel “O” to Go range features a single stemless glass nestled in a sturdy, travel-sized tube. Safely put it into your handbag, briefcase or overnight bag without worrying about breakage and this glass is also ideal for use at picnics or outdoor events –

Cape Island Designs

Cape Island Designs is a 100% female-owned, proudly South African manufacturer of eco-luxe home fragrance products inspired by Africa, with a strong focus on ethical manufacturing and sourcing of sustainable raw materials. Cape Island products are cruelty-free, environmentally friendly and aquatically safe. Shop our range of Cape Island collections instore or online –

Cast Iron Tea Pots

Originating in Japan, enameled “Tetsubins” are known as “Kyusa” and are used for loose-leaf tea as well as herbal infusions and fresh herb teas. Studies have found that when using cast iron teapots, a good amount of iron is leached into the boiling water. The tea brewed infuses with iron and the person drinking tea will receive a boost of iron, minerals, and nutrients. People with iron deficiencies can greatly benefit from this effect. –

Le Creuset

Bringing joy to the kitchen since 1925, Le Creuset has proved to be a cooking essential with an unrivaled selection of bold, rich colors in a range of finishes and materials. The Le Creuset Rainbow Gift sets are perfect presents for the festive season, featuring some of Le Creusets most popular products, presented in photo-realistic gift packaging! –