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How a Dehumidifier Can Change Your Life

While living in a coastal town like Knysna or its surrounding areas is a privilege on its own, it does however come with one major problem and that it the high humidity. While it is great for your skin it is terrible for your home.

At worst you can experience severe dampness where the mould gets to grow unhindered bringing with it all kinds of health concerns, but at best you have leather jackets that literally go green with mould or your 100-year-old piano that is simply suffering with the damp. I have had customers who complain about water on their walls in unused south facing bedrooms. Whatever your problem is – it is totally solvable.

A dehumidifier can help to prevent and relieve these issues by extracting a surprising amount of moisture in your home, it can be your best friend – Plug it in, plumb it out and leave it to change your home. We have a wonderful range of dehumidifiers at Metelerkamps.

The Meaco Arete One Range from Solenco offers the quietest, most efficient dehumidifier and air purifier on the market. They are twice as quiet as the industry standard and boast a night mode that means you can sleep peacefully while it works.

With the press of a single button, the Arete will take care of any condensation, mould, and damp problems in your home. It even has a Smart Laundry function to dry your clothes quickly and efficiently in under six hours if set up properly.

It is conveniently loadshedding friendly and can be utilized with your home solar system as its energy usage is comparable to that of a small refrigerator. They come in different sizes so you would be able to choose according to the size of your area. They also come standard with a tank which you would empty, but if your problem is severe then you simply bypass the tank with a pipe so that it can run continuously, keeping your home at a humidity of your choice.

An added bonus is that the Arete range also has a HEPA filter taking out 99.75% of particles as small as 0.3 micrometres. Pretty cool when you think about it. Not only drying but cleaning too!
There is also a small cupboard dehumidifier. We have been selling it for years and have had lots of happy feedback from customers.  It is a rechargeable unit so when it shows that it is full you just plug it in, dry it out and voila it is ready to save your boots, bags, and jackets again! I am thinking like a lady, perhaps you would also use it to protect your antique car or photography equipment.

So, you see, there is no reason to suffer that damp, wet, sickness that is living at the coast.