AMT Pots and Pans – The World’s Best!

AMT at olympics

These are the best pans in the world! And this is not a wild catch phrase to draw your attention, not at all! AMT won the Category “Cookware” at the World Culinary Olympics 2012 – so it is the “WORLDS BEST PAN” and we are allowed to say that!

These pans were really put to the test by the world’s most precise chefs who know what they are talking about. They used these pots and pans for the competition. Some stats:

  • Overall number of competitors: 1,320 cooks
  • Total accompanying persons for support on the competition days: approx.1,800 cooks
  • Cutlery in the restaurants: 9,360 pieces
  • Porcelain: more than 10,000 pieces
  • Napkins: approx. 12,900
  • Menu cards for the 4 days of competition: 9,810

Approximate quantities used during the competition:

  • Eggs: 20,000
  • Meat: 1,000kg
  • Fish: 1,200kg
  • Potatoes: 700kg
  • Vegetables: 4,600kg
  • Cream/milk: 2,500l
  • Sugar: 140kg
  • Salt: 100kg
  • Spices: 80kg

So you can see many people were doing a lot of cooking! These pots and pans were really put to the test. After all of this, 50 of the 52 teams voted AMT at the Best!

AMT at olympics 3

The best is most certainly good enough for Metelerkamps!

So what makes this cookware so good?

The 10mm cast Aluminium base conducts and retains heat beautifully!

AMT Layers

Aluminium conducts heat 5 times better the cast iron and to also retains this heat longer. With this near perfect heat retention, cooking times can be shortened too. Food can be heated and heated turned off sooner and the food will carry on cooking!

The non-stick layer is “out of this world”

The non-stick layer is a patented surface called Luton. The term non-stick really should not be used in the same sentence as AMT. There is nothing sticky about it! It is an absolute dream to use and clean! We demonstrated a sauté pan recently in our live Siemens Kitchen as the results were amazing and yummy too!!

Its German engineered!

Need I say more?