AMT — Cooking like professionals


Premium Quality from Hand-Cast Aluminium

  • Developed in close cooperation with the German National Culinary Team
  • Scratch resistant Lotan non-stick coating prevents an adherence of food
  • 25 years non-warping warranty
  • The 9mm thick and non-warping base is faced down for optimal conductivity to the cooking surface
  • Heats quickly, heat retention, improved cooking results.
  • AMT Gastroguss is known to be a manufacturer of high-quality aluminium cookware. We control the entire manufacturing process from design to the finished product. This has significant financial and organizational advantages for our customers.

Energy usagewith AMT Cookware

Unlike regular cookware, AMT cookware has a much lower energy consumption. Our special manufacturing process and a micro fine turned base create a large contact surface which allows for quick heat transmission and energy efficient heat-up of the cookware — unlike conventional cookware with a grooved base. Even after years of heavy duty usage the base will keep its shape and prevent energy loss.

Aluminium — an innovative Material

Aluminium is not only easy to process and a very rugged material, it is also recyclable. AMT products are 100% recyclable to keep the our environment clean.

Diverse materials and their thermal conductivity in comparison

Compared with stainless steel and cast iron, aluminium is a winner. It is a great heat conductor which keeps the heat-up times short and saves energy. By using AMT Gastroguss aluminium cookware you can save energy and save the environment, too.