10 Metelerkamps’ Gadgets for every Egg Lover! 2016


Kick off your day with a power packed EGG- BREAKFAST. Make it glamorous and eggciting and keep it interesting by preparing your eggs differently each time.

These 10 gadgets eggspecially picked out by our team at Metelerkamps will add variety and fun!

1. Kitchen Craft Nonstick Egg Rings
These are great for keeping the shape of your fried egg and they will make sure that when you are cooking more than one egg they won’t merge together.
kitchen-craft-egg-poachette-rings2. Egg Poacher 
Using these poach pods is probably one of the easiest ways to poach eggs. They are easy to clean and they can hang on the side of the pan or stand up


3. Le Creuset Egg Cups
It’s all about the colour. Mix and match all different bright colours and smile every time you have your delicious egg out of this delightful egg cup.

le Creuset egg-cups

4. Masterclass Yolk Separator
A fool proof way of separating your egg yolks & egg whites. No more getting your hands covered in egg and those awful moments where the yolk falls into the whites & breaks.
MasterClass Deluxe Stainless Egg Separator5. Severin Egg Boiler
Get your boiled eggs just right every time with no fuss. It boils up to 6 eggs which is great for the whole family or for those breakfast parties you are dying to have.

6. Masterclass Egg Topper
Metelerkamps had a waiting list for these several times – just because they’re that great. Pull up the spring loaded ball, let go and the result, a perfectly topped egg.
master class Egg Topper

7. Cuisipro Egg Whisk

Tired of your “stainless steel” whisks that keep rusting and breaking? Get one of these puppies and you’ll never turn back. A strong, good quality whisk is a necessity in the kitchen.

cuisipro whisk
8. Colourworks Egg Cutter
Once you have tried out an egg cutter, there’s no going back. They are perfect to use for salads and snacks. Available in an awesome selection of colours.

9. Kitchen Craft Egg Pricker
This simple gadget means no more scratching around your kitchen or home trying to find something to prick your eggs with and half of your egg won’t go out into the boiling water.
kitchen-craft-egg-pricker10. Kitchen Craft Egg Timer
Watch it change colour for the perfect soft, medium or hard-boiled egg. No need to set a clock timer when you can just keep an eye on one of these.


Buy any of these online or visit our beautiful showroom in Knysna, just off Waterfront Drive.